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Spread Design Barn gives everyone access to design. Discover your creative side, join programs, events, workshops, get access to design services, and collaborate on projects.

Spread Design Barn is a project of Spread, a transdisciplinary design + learning firm practicing design as both strategy and craft. Spread works closely with industry and government on transformational projects. The Spread team works out of the Design Farm and creates brands, businesses, experiences and interactions.

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Upcoming Programs

9th Jun

10 weeks / 90 hours

The rules of the digital game have changed!
Build a strong foundation in User Experience and Interaction Design, with core skills like user research, usability testing, user interface (UI) design – all with a user-centric mindset. Design an digital experience from scratch and craft your portfolio.

Learning Program

2nd Jun

5 weeks / 20 hours

Tap into creativity with structure; a ‘Dream, Design, Do’ approach

Dream School is an ongoing after-school program that complements school; with a unique learning journey and structured way to channel kids’ creativity and imagination.

Through weekly classes, Dream Schoolers explore complex and critical themes, move up from explorations and discoveries to complete projects, thus learning how to shape arguments and ideas and become creators and makers.

Learning Program

9th Jun

12 weeks / 96 hours

Graphic Design secrets unveiled in simple lessons.
Discover what sets ordinary images apart from compelling visuals. Get hands-on knowledge in typography, colour theory, branding, etc. to create impactful graphics. Learn to communicate in the most powerful way!

Venture Studio

Dream Start

For Further Details Call +91 7411000807

09 June

12 weeks / 96 hours

Bring design to Stage Zero and scale exponentially

DreamStart is a 100 day creative entrepreneur-in-residence program for startups who care deeply about being user-centric. For folks who have an idea/ prototype in place, the DreamStart program offers the much needed edge of design intervention, to create the possibility of ‘design founded’ ventures which have higher chances of survival, sustenance, success and scale.

Venture Studio


For Further Details Call +91 7411000807

09 June

2 weeks / 72 hours

Bridge your Design Gaps and leap to the next level!

If you’re a startup a with a product in place and want to embrace user-centered thinking to grow exponentially, this outcome-oriented design engagement is for you.

Bridge your key Design Gaps (be it in product, brand, communication, or experience) in
a sharp 72 hour program, working alongside experienced design and business mentors, and a bright, talented design team.The Design Gap is the big difference between products that work well and those that people fall in love with. Between good and great. Between prototypes and products of a global standard.

Be product-ready, brand-ready, and experience-ready before your next exponential leap.

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